• 1Wines
    From a long tradition, Italy is the land of the most prestigious wines of the world.
  • 2Cold cuts
    A careful selection of meats 100% Italian, allows you to have a quality product for the most demanding palates.
  • 3Pasta
    Italy, the home of pasta, the best pasta factories with pasta made solely by hand, by expert hands that comply the old recipes.
  • 4Cheeses
    The wide variety of cheeses on the Italian territory, makes Italy unique.
  • 5Oil
    We guarantee the authenticity and the highest quality oil from olives exclusively Italian.
  • 9Pasta
    The best pasta factories, hand down their secrets from generation to create a paste exceptional.
  • 10Oil
    “Sovra il candido vel cinta d’uliva donna m’apparve sotto verde manto.” Dante Alighieri
  • 11Wine
    “True connoisseurs don't drink wine, taste secrets.” Salvador Dalì
  • 12Cheese
    “Cheese is milk's leap toward immortality.” Clifton Fadiman